Maliau Basin Conservation Area

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Duration :
1) 3 days 2 nights (Minimum 2 pax)
2) 5 days 4 nights (Minimum 2 pax)

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* Customizable
3days 2nights

5days 4nights

Day 1
Our departure by tour coach for Maliau Basin from Kota Kinabalu begins at 7am. The scenic journey will include a lunch break at delightful Sook town at approximately 12pm. After lunch, the drive to Maliau Basin resumes and it is anticipated that our arrival at Maliau Basin’s main gate will be at 4pm. Upon arriving at the main gate, passengers will be directed to a 4x4 wheel drive vehicle for a short ride to the base of Maliau Basin. Passengers will have a relaxing hour to register and check in before sitting down to have dinner by breathtaking sunset at 7pm. An after dinner special treat comes in the form of a 3k night drive where the entertainment is the calls and possible sightings of the endemic nocturnal inhabitants.

Day 2
After a refreshing night’s kip, passengers will awake to a hearty breakfast served at 7am. Armed with all the essentials, we commence our 4km trek to Belian Trail & riverine slide at 8am. With our appetites worked up, we make our way back to the hostel for lunch at 12pm. After a siesta of 2 hours, we begin a visit to the nature gallery and participate in the sky bridge activity which should keep us occupied till our next thrill requiring binoculars and a journal as we embark on a 1.8km trek on a research trail to indulge in bird watching!!! From 5pm to 7pm we are free to treat ourselves as desired before dinner at 7pm. We engage in the last activity of the day to work off those dinner calories, by going on a spectacular 1.5km night walk.

Day 3
Following our usual delicious breakfast at 7am, we freshen up for a photo taking session and bid farewell by leaving for the trip to the base. From the base, we commence our onward journey to Kota Kinabalu at 10.30am with a break for lunch. Our arrival in KK at 6.30pm allows us enough time to catch the sun’s last rays.

Day 1
Our scenic departure for MBCA begins at 7am. After a hearty lunch at 12pm, the journey continues until 5pm which is the estimated time of arrival at MBCA’s main gate. Visitors will then resume their journey by 4wd for a further 90mins till arrival at base camp. Check in is at 7pm followed by dinner at 8pm. Dinner is followed by a 3km night drive where we will be treated to the sights that are creatures of the night before staring behind our eyelids.

Day 2
Breakfast is served at 7am after which visitors depart for Agathis Camp. Upon arrival at 9am, we begin our 5km trek to Camp Trophy Camp while taking in the exciting wildlife which make the conservation area their home. Lunch under the canopy of lush vegetation is served at 12.30pm and there’s time for a brief siesta before our 1.6km trek to the summit to enjoy the spectacular view. Returning to base camp at 5pm leaves us with time enough to freshen up before dinner at 7pm. We work off those calories with a 1km night walk before drawing the curtain down on the day.

Day 3
Having been set up for the day at 7am we start our trek to Ginseng Camp at 8am meeting the daytime residents along the way. An energising lunch at 12pm is the precursor to our 5km trek to the breathtaking vision of Maliau Waterfall. A too short hour is all the chilling time permitted before we return to base camp for dinner at 7pm. The after dinner excitement of a 1.5km night walk awaits before we get some shuteye.

Day 4
Beginning our day at 7am with breakfast is preparation for our trek back to Agathis Camp. We have a leisurely 2 hour lunch from 12pm till 2pm before visiting a nature trail & river stream to check out the wildlife in action. Taking the edge of the heat visitors can perfect that particular stroke in the cool waters of the Agathis waterpool. We return to base camp for dinner at 7pm and proceed with our customary night walk before nodding off.

Day 5
On our last day, after breakfast we prepare for a photo taking session before checking out at 9am. At 9.30am we begin our 2 hour journey to the main gates of the MBCA. We have a light lunch at 12pm and continue making tracks back to Kota Kinabalu to make the anticipated time of arrival of 6.30pm.


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